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Oval Light Blue
Oval Orange

Contacts in the San Diego Area:

Veronica Lavarello
San Diego: 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679

Delivery available!

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 San Diego:  619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679
San Diego: 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679
Large Oval with Glass Tile
Oval Brown
Oval Burgundy with Glass Tile
Oval No Design
Brown/Orange with Glass Tile
Oval Birds
Delivery available! 
Oval One Color
Oval Two Colors
With Logo
Smooth stained Concrete only
  • Tables and benches may be sold separately.
  • Any design can be made into any shape: round, oval, and rectangular.
  • Round ​sizes approx. 32", 42", 48" and 60" in diameter.
  • Oval sizes approx. 57" long x 36" wide, and 73" long x 36" wide.
  • Rectangular size approx. 57" x 36"​
  • Some sizes with engraved edges can be ma​​​de into smooth edges.
  • You can choose your tile color and change our designs at no extra cost as long as you keep the same concept.
  • ​Any table with Glass tile is an extra 15% of regular price.
  • We can custom made tables for an extra 15%. Send us your pictures.
  • Call for more information
Palms II
Black and White
Smooth Edge
Medallion Edge
Palms III
Light Concrete No stain 
Medallion Edge
Smooth Edge
Palms III with Camels
Oval Large Tile II