Pretty Pots and Beyond

San Diego: 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679
Our pottery makers have a long tradition of making pots. They excel and love what they do.  The beauty of our pots show how much they care about their work. 
Verónica Lavarello
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San Diego: 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679   
San Diego: 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679
Please call first to make sure we have what you need in stock!!!
San Diego 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679   
​Los Angeles 818 219 7478 (For irrigation Ollas only)
Kevin Polk and Susan Bernardo

​Our Distributors for Irrigation
Ollas in Los Angeles
 818 219 7478
San Diego
Look at their Bed Gardens!
Delivery available!
Delivery available!
Our Table makers are second to none.  Look at their designs and the closeness of how the tile is set up. We make them to last decades.